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Freshen Up Your Bra Wardrobe – (Spring Cleaning)

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Freshen Up Your Bra Wardrobe – (Spring Cleaning)

The warmer months are approaching, and it’s the perfect time to take an inventory of your bra wardrobe. Every woman’s wardrobe should have a good bra in beige and black, a strapless bra, as well as something colourful, HELLO SPRING! Beyond these basics, you might want to add some of the following:


A Red Bra - This is a staple for all wardrobes - red bras and red underwear are more invisible under white blouses, pants and skirts than beige or white. We suggest bringing along a white linen shirt when you’re trying on red bras, to ensure they can’t be seen. 

A Sports Bra - A great sports bra is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Most sports bras are made with high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics. Discuss your level of activity and support with our Fitting Specialists in order to find the perfect sports bra for your needs.

A Lace Bra - In Europe, women tend to be more confident and expose more by wearing sheer and lace clothing. A lace bra brings a touch of that empowerment to more conservative North Americans. Many of our lace bras offer more support than seamless, molded cup bras, thanks to their three-part cup. Some women are not used to the way the seam looks in this style, but the seams are purposefully designed in this way to offer more support.

A T-Shirt Bra - Ladies need a bra that they can wear under a fitted shirt that gives them a smooth look. This can be a molded seamless bra or a seamless lace bra depending on the brand. T-shirt bras give a natural lift and provide shape under a form fitting top.


While you’re going through your bras, don’t forget to assess your underwear collection as well! You may consider replacing any worn-out pairs with a new match to your bra or with long-lasting brands like Hanky Panky or Chantelle Soft Stretch.


Before you purchase any updates, check to make sure that your existing bras still fit properly. An underwire is your best friend if the bra is the correct size, but an ill-fitting underwire won’t be as comfortable or flattering to your figure. This is particularly true if your size has changed, which happens more often than you think!


If you are unsure about the fit of your bras, bring them in for a professional fitting at a specialty bra boutique. Our fitting specialists can help you to determine the right fit for you.


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