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Product Care

Brabary takes pride in offering garments of the highest quality. Proper care will ensure that your investment lasts for years to come.


Washing is preferable by hand with Forever New. Forever New is a biodegradable, citrus-based cleaner specially formulated for lingerie; unlike other gentle washing products, it maintains the size of your garment in addition to preserving the colour and fabric.

For best results, launder your lingerie after every 2-3 wears in cool water with Forever New. Soak your garments for 20 minutes, and gently rub any areas that need a little extra love. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Never put your fine garments in the dryer.


Wash your swimsuit after every wear, especially if it has been used in chlorinated or salt water. Chemicals and salt water are harmful to the fabric and must be washed out in order to prevent disintegration of the Lycra and elastic. Wash immediately with Forever New Splash Wash in cool water. Unique to Forever New, Splash Wash has the ability to effectively remove chemicals without harming the fabric. Let soak for 20 minutes, rise and hang to dry (away from direct sunlight). Colour loss due to sun exposure may occur.

Always wash your garments separately to prevent dye and colour transfer. Brabary is not responsible for chlorine damage or nicks and pulls due to wear and tear.

Sleep and Lounge

Follow the washing instructions on the specific garment. Most pajamas can be washed in the washing machine with like colours. Hang to dry. More delicate items should be washed in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle or even better hand washed. Never to be put in the dryer.

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