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Post Surgery Care

 You deserve to feel your best

The relationship we as women have with our bodies is a complex one. Some days we feel fabulous. Others, not quite. At Brabary, we believe you should feel your best everyday.

We have been providing post-surgery fittings at Brabary for over 15 years. Our Fitting Specialists have been trained in-store and by Amoena, to provide you with the most up-to-date products and personal service for your specific needs.

As you continue on your journey of healing and recovery, it is our hope that you take comfort in knowing we are here for you every step of the way.


Women who undergo surgery can face unique physical and emotional challenges during their recovery and treatment process. We are committed to helping women during this time by providing comfortable undergarments and delicate care.

Women who have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction need two things above all in their breast forms and after-surgery garments: comfort and choice. We carry and have access to breast forms, bras, including those with pockets to hold the breast form in place, and leisure garments that provide maximum comfort, choice and convenience.

Similarly, women who undergo a reduction or augmentation can find garments that will help them in their healing process. We are here to help support and give advice towards breast health post-surgery.




Post-Mastectomy & Lumpectomy

Our selection of recovery care products are designed to make life easier both during your hospital stay and after, while you heal.

  • Comfortable camisoles with drainage pouches that can be detached once the drains are removed
  • Soft and comfortable leisure forms to wear during recovery
  • A range of silicone breast forms that fit into a pocketed bra
  • Partial breast forms that provide a more symmetrical silhouette (for lumpectomy surgeries)


Every surgery and recovery process is different for everyone as every woman’s body is unique. Post-reconstruction healing requires gentle support and comfort while ensuring your implants settle properly. Many require the benefits of a post-surgical compression bra. Always remember to ask your surgeon or doctor what they recommend for your post-surgical needs.

Augmentation & Reduction

Before you re-do your entire bra collection, it is important to follow your surgeon or doctor’s timeline for investing in new lingerie.

  • Wear a post-surgical compression bra for several days after surgery and allow your breasts heal – all according to your surgeon or doctor’s requirements
  • We will be here to assist you with your new bra wardrobe once you are all healed


Shop our care products in-store, or contact us to book an appointment

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