25 Aug Your Back to School Bra Wardrobe

Sunday, 25 August 2013

yourbacktoschoolwardrobeBack to school shopping season is just around the corner and for many young ladies, that means scouring the sales to find the perfect outfit and accessories. What many people forget is that this is also the perfect time to reassess your bra wardrobe. Bras do wear out over time and back to school sales are a great opportunity to replace and replenish your lingerie selections.

Back to basics

When considering the bras you will need for the duration of the school year, it is important to think in terms of the basics. First and foremost, remember the importance of a quality sports bra for school athletics. During physical education, it is imperative that your breasts be properly supported. Every time you bounce during strenuous physical activity, you stretch your breast tissue. This damage is irreparable and can be avoided by wearing a quality sports bra.
In terms of regular bras, every school-aged young lady requires – at the very least – a beige bra and a black bra. A beige bra can be worn under lighter colours and the black bra under darker ones. Do not wear the beige bra under dark coloured clothing, as the fabric dye may discolour your bra.


Beyond the basics, all young ladies should consider the versatility of their bra wardrobes. A convertible bra is a great way to go. These bras have straps that can be worn conventionally, as a halter or even as a criss-cross racer back style. Convertible bras are wonderful for your bra wardrobe because they can suit many different outfits.

When to replace

Before you begin your back to school shopping spree, assess what needs to be replaced in your bra wardrobe. Pay close attention to the condition of the elastic binding on all of your bras. Weak elastic means weak support and that can be uncomfortable and detrimental to your health. This is also a great time to check the condition of your panties.
The back to school shopping season is a great time to update your bra wardrobe. Be sure that you are purchasing a set of versatile basics that will see you through any situation this school year.

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