16 Mar Unique North American Lingerie and Sleepwear

Sunday, 16 March 2014

uniquenorthIn many communities around North America, there is a movement going on to encourage consumers to shop locally. The benefits are that the money you spend is reinvested back into the community, and it helps local shop owners thrive and give back. At Brabary, we’ve extended the Shop Local movement with a quest to source as many North American-made products as we can, so when you’re supporting us as a local business you’re also supporting other businesses committed to local manufacturing and staffing. It’s no longer necessary to go to Europe for unique, high-end luxury lingerie and sleepwear (though they do still tend to be ahead of us when it comes to bras and getting a true fit). While our last post featured one Canadian-made brand of swimwear and resort wear (SHAN), today we’ll share a variety of North American vendors we’re proud to feature in our store. ARIANNE was founded in 1947 in Quebec and makes tops, camisoles, loungewear, lingerie and sleepwear. Christine, created by designer Christine Morton, was the first line of silk lingerie designed and manufactured in Canada (Vancouver, BC). Customers include Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diana Krall, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Mary Green (San Francisco, California) – Called “a visionary of ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship,” Mary Green’s sleepwear is made from the finest Chinese silk and has been featured in all the top fashion magazines. Saxx (Vancouver, BC) – Men’s underwear line created out of a frustration with men’s underwear that was not designed for how men are actually built. Forever New – Finally, to care for all of these delicate products, there is the Toronto-based company The Forever Group, makers of eco-friendly gentle laundry soap Forever New as well as other laundry accessories. Visit their site for cleaning tips.

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