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Find the Perfect Fit



A guide to finding the perfect fitting bra:

  • Place your breasts into the cups, and fasten the hooks, preferably on the loosest clasp so that you have room to tighten your bra as it stretches.
  • Put your arms through the straps and position the straps on your shoulders.
  • Lean forward and let your breasts naturally fall into the cups, and adjust them in place so your nipples are forward.
  • Position the band by ensuring it is level with the floor. Your nipple should sit halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

The support of a bra comes from 3 key areas:

  • The Band- provides 65% of the support. Therefore, your band needs to be comfortably snug to provide you with support.
  • The Wires- make up 25% of the support. A wire is important in providing you with lift and support. When a wire fits properly, you should not feel it. 
  • The Straps- account for 10% of the support. Essentially, you should be able to drop your strap have have minimal movement. 


You know your bra is fitting you perfectly when:

  • The band is level with the floor. If it is riding up, that indicates your band is too loose.
  • The cups hold the breasts fully, with no extra space or spillovers.
  • The wires are not pinching your breast at the centre or at the sides, but also not too far back.
  • The gore (where the wires meet at the centre of the bra) lays flat against your chest, holding your bra snugly in place.
  • Adjust the straps so that they sit nicely on your shoulder, neither so tight that they pinch or dig in nor so loose that they slip off.

Find the perfect bra in our online store or visit our Barrie or Collingwood locations for an in person fitting with one of our Fitting Specialists.


Sizing Guide

Due to the differences between bra styles and manufacturers, we strongly encourage our online shoppers to purchase items that you have previously owned within the last 12 months or from manufacturers that you are familiar with, to avoid disappointment.  If you are interested in a new style, or feel that your size has changed, please visit us in store for a fitting with one of our Fitting Specialists.

Every brand fits differently, and follows different sizing globally. When looking at the tag on your bra, it can be overwhelming, as sometimes there are multiple sizes on the tag. This guide should help you decipher the sizing we follow at Brabary. If you have any questions you can always call or email us, we keep a record of your purchases and sizing.

Anita- We follow the GB/USA sizing 

Chantelle- We follow the US/UK band sizing and the largest cup letter on the tag

Elomi- We follow the UK sizing 

Empreinte- We follow the US/UK sizing

Felina & Conturelle- We follow the US/UK sizing

MarieJo- We follow the UK sizing

PrimaDonna- We follow the UK sizing

Simone Perele- We follow the INT sizing

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