06 Apr Spring Colours for 2014

Sunday, 06 April 2014

springcoloursThe snow mountains are melting, the grass is peeking out, and the temperatures are finally starting to climb – yes, spring is here! From our first glimpse at the colours and designs, we had the sense that this spring is going to be fun. We’re all tired of the dark and dreary of winter, let’s come out of that and get a little more lighthearted and play! We’re seeing more on the coral line of colours, with a punch of neon. This makes for an interesting contrast, where you might have a coral blush pink bra with just a pop of chartreuse (neon green). It’s a fascinating juxtaposition of bright colours onto these nice subtle colours. Bright green is a popular colour trend for the spring, while different shades of blue will be ongoing right into fall. Blue has already been around for awhile, so it’s surprising how long it’s hanging on! At Brabary we’ve even brought in a little bit of white, in keeping with the North American trend of white and nude t-shirt bras and white lace. Now keep in mind that whites don’t stay white for long. They get yellow very quickly, so if you’re refurbishing your wardrobe, you might want to choose some new articles to brighten things up. As the temperatures heat up, it’s also worth looking at technical fabrics that breathe better and keep you more comfortable. Rather than rigid, molded cups, they use what’s called a spacer or 3D fabric – it’s like a weave with pockets of air in between. As with the start of any new season, this may also be a good time to be fitted and make sure your bras are still fitting properly. Your bra should be supporting 65% of the weight of your breast tissue. If it’s not fitting properly, you’re carrying that weight in your neck and shoulders, which can cause headaches, back pain, neck pain and irritability. If it doesn’t fit properly, your bra can be your worst enemy. If it does, it can be your best friend.

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