11 Dec Sleep Now and Hold Your Peace

Thursday, 11 December 2014

sleepnowforeverholdpeacePreparing for the holiday season means there are many things to do and remember. There is one key thing that anyone can do to keep up your energy and keep stress at bay. What is this secret? Sleep! With enough sleep, you can take on your worst relative, the busiest shopping mall, or the crankiest Santa. Yet at such a busy time of year, sleep can be hard to find. Here are two of the worst enemies of a good night’s sleep: Alcohol With all the parties of the season, more alcohol will likely be flowing your way. Even though drinking can make you feel tired, it actually leaves you less rested. According to an article at WebMD, alcohol interferes with your REM sleep (the deepest level of sleep), when your body’s systems are restored to face the new day. Depleted of REM sleep, you’ll feel tired, irritable and fog-headed. That’s no way to enjoy the holidays! Change to routine No matter what kind of wonderful sleep oasis you’ve created for yourself during the rest of the year, when you get off your routine your sleep quality can go right out the window. One trick is to create a Plan B and have it ready. Plan B is essentially a shorter, simpler routine that still incorporates some healthy habits. For example, while you may usually do a 15-minute yoga stretching session before bed, Plan B might be two minutes of deep breathing and one quick stretch. That way, you’re not throwing out all your good intentions and it will be easier to get back to your full routine the next night. For more ideas, see our earlier post with tips for better sleep and this post about restful sleepwear ideas. P.S. Want to take away more holiday stress? Have a few hostess gifts prepped and ready (e.g., a bottle of wine decorated with a tree ornament or a bag of Fraktals chocolates), and consider registering at your favourite store to give your loved ones a hand when buying for you.

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