07 Dec Register for Stress-Free Gifts This Holiday Season

Saturday, 07 December 2013

stressfreegiftsGift certificates have become a popular alternative for gifts in all seasons, but on Christmas Day, it’s nice to have something to unwrap. More and more women are taking advantage of gift registries – they’re not just for brides anymore!

There are online gift registries, and check your favourite stores to see if they have a registry program. You may think it will take out the element of surprise, but not if you go to different stores and pick out a variety of things.

By registering for gifts you’re taking the stress away for the gift giver. For yourself, you make sure to avoid the stress of taking things back if they weren’t the right size or style for you. Plus, some things like hosiery can’t be taken back so you would be left with something you can’t use.

Everyone wants to stretch their dollars further, and no one wants to see their money wasted. Pre-registering for gifts you really want help the gift giver choose something that fits their budget, and ensures their money will be well spent.

So enjoy a fun day of shopping, try things on and get expert help to find the perfect fit and register for your favourites. The gift giver can feel confident in their choice, and just enjoy making you happy. You can take pleasure in the beautiful items you’ve selected, and everyone can focus on enjoying the holidays stress-free.

Have you ever registered for gifts? How did it work for you? Have you ever shopped for someone else using a gift registry, and how was that different from doing it on your own?

You don’t need to go to Toronto to experience the selection of a world-class boutique – it’s now available right here in Barrie at Brabary. Come in and register today!

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