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Brabary would love to help you get ready for your special day. Whether you are in a wedding, or attending one, going to a gala, or prom; we at Brabary are here for all your undergarment needs. Amazing strapless bras, stick-on ‘backless’ bras, hosiery, shapewear, and accessories. You will be looking beautiful on your special day!

PD Divine Venus

Bra Fittings

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It is very important to have a well-fitting bra for under your gown or outfit. It will change the way your garment fits, and looks. Whether it is a simple everyday bra, a strapless, or an alternative bra solution, having the right fit will ensure your breasts are placed accordingly and will make all the difference in how you look and feel.

Tip: Bring in your garment at the time of your fitting, so that we can ensure the bra will work seamlessly with your outfit. A bra fitting will give you the confidence to rock that outfit all night long!

No appointment necessary! Visit our Contact page for our store hours.


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Do you have a backless or low front dress, that you simply cannot wear a bra? Nubra, Nippies Skin, and Booby Tape may be your solution. They offer lift and coverage so you can feel confident in your spectacular outfit!

Nubra are stick on bra cups that will make your cleavage look amazing! The are designed to suit A-D cup sizes and is available in beige or black. Nubra maintains its stickiness for up to 30 wears, and will be your go-to bra for any outfit.

Nippies Skin are a nipple cover that offer you seamless coverage. Nippies are ideal if you are not concerned about lift, but need that seamless, smooth look under not only your special dress, but in your bras, or swimsuits as well.

Booby Tape as the name refers is tape for your girls. There are various ways to tape yourself to get the look you are going for. Perfect for strapless, backless, halter, or plunging necklines. Booby Tape is available in beige or black and will keep you in place all night long!

Underwear & Shapewear

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Underwear lines can ruin your look! We at Brabary have various options of underwear to ensure a smooth look under your outfit. Soft Stretch by Chantelle offers multiple styles to suit your preferences while remaining smooth and seamless in various colour options.

In need of a little extra help?

Janira is one of the world’s leading brands in body shapewear. Lightweight and extra control fabric will comfortably smooth you. Janira is available in various styles to suit any outfit. Available in beige and black, it will smooth your areas of concern and flatter your every curve.


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Accessories can change your look or be something special just for yourself.

Stunning hosiery will spice up your outfit, or camouflage your imperfections.

Garters are a fun part of the wedding experience.

Bridal Hanky Pankys are a cute little touch for you and your bridal party!

Double sided tape, clear straps, and other accessories are also available.