15 Jan Plan for Success With Your New Year’s Resolution

Thursday, 15 January 2015

blogpostimg6It’s a new year, is it time for a new you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you ever wonder why they don’t seem to last? For most people, it’s because we fail to plan for how we’re going to achieve those goals (and sometimes the goals are too lofty to begin with). Let’s take losing weight, by far the most common New Year’s Resolution. If you make a vague statement like, “I’m going to lose weight this year,” it’s much harder to take yourself seriously. Instead, set a measurable goal for how much weight you want to lose, and by when. Create small milestones along the way, and reward yourself when you meet them. Make sure each target is realistic and achievable. You may want to capture your progress in photos (e.g., wearing the same outfit) to give yourself that visual encouragement. Even though you may have an ideal weight in mind, when it comes to self-improvement there is no final destination; there are always opportunities to improve ourselves, and always a chance to try again. So don’t beat yourself up for not reaching some ideal – it’s a constantly ongoing process. Some people set aside time each day for development – reading, learning a new language, staying current with the news, or improving a skill. Clearing clutter can be a wonderful way to open up your life to new goals and habits. I just went through my own closet and got rid of anything that didn’t bring me joy. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the last season, pass it on. Yes, even if it was a gift. Let someone else enjoy it – you will feel amazing. Organizing can feel overwhelming, so just start small with one drawer or area, or just tackle your shoe collection. If you’re really feeling stuck, ask a friend to come over and help. The buddy system works wonders for all sorts of goals. If you’re both looking to get fit, you can meet for a walk at the waterfront, work out together at the gym, or take a healthy cooking class. If you notice that you keep putting off your plans, shake things up and try something different. Not getting to yoga? Choose another class at another time. Not getting enough fruits and veggies? Experiment with new types of produce and browse the web for recipes and ideas. Another area to look for improvement is your financial health. Are you saving as much as you could be for retirement or your kids’ education? See what small changes you can make – they could really add up in the long run.

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