15 Feb It’s Reading Week

Sunday, 15 February 2015

blogpostimg5University students across Canada are gearing up for Reading Week. Last year the Dal News (our daughter attends Dalhousie University) put out this list of Top 10 Ways to Spend Reading Week.

Of all those options, we’re glad our daughter will be spending her week at home in Barrie. Here are some of the things we’re thinking about as we prepare for her visit:


There’s no shortage of things to do in and around Barrie in the wintertime. I would also love to skate or walk along the Ice Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park.


I know one of the things my daughter is looking forward to is homemade meals. If Thanksgiving and Christmas are any indication, we’d better loosen our belts because we’ll be indulging in all her favourites.

Family dynamics

There is always an adjustment when someone has been away and returns. She’s bound to get more of our attention, and that won’t go unnoticed by our other children.

And as independent as our kids get when they’re living on their own, back at home they tend to jump right back into the habit of letting Mom do everything for them again. It’s only natural, and can happen when we return home no matter how old we are.


Our daughter is in residence so she may not need the same type of care package as someone living on their own. Plus there is only so much she can pack into her luggage for the flight home.

Still, I’m sure her wardrobe will need some replenishing (starting with the bras, of course), and let’s think ahead to spring and warmer weather!


It’s called Reading Week for a reason, and I’m sure my daughter will have assignments and studying to do. It may be hard to remember that our kids have been developing their own independent study skills at university, and we should encourage that rather than swoop in again like when they were in high school.


We have to accept that we’re not the only ones our daughter wants to spend time with while she’s here. And it’s not just about sharing her time, I’m also going to have to share my car!

Thinking ahead

Reading Week is a prime time to secure a summer job for when the school year ends in April. In fact, a lot of summer jobs like camps have been hiring already and may even have closed their applications by now.

They’ll be a lot of competition on the job trail. Students can start with a basic web search (“My town + jobs”), and then branch out from there.

Brabary and other local stores often hire summer help because their regular staff want to take time off.

For some students, this is also time to confirm accommodations for next year, if they haven’t already.

Do you have a child coming home for Reading Week? What’s it going to be like at your house?

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