21 Jun Getting Fitted for a Breast Prostheses

Saturday, 21 June 2014

gettingfitterforprosthesisIn a previous post, we discussed the importance of breast prostheses, not just for confidence and self-esteem, but for health and comfort to compensate for the missing weight of whatever portion of the breast or breasts was removed.

After recovering for 3-6 weeks in a post-surgical camisole, it will be time to visit a specialty boutique and get fitted for a breast form. At Brabary no appointment is required, but check with your local store to be sure. You want the swelling gone completely from the surgery in order to get a proper fit. It’s also important for all the sutures to be healed and closed to prevent infection when putting on something more tightly fitted like a bra.

Here are a few things to note:

Breast form (prosthesis): One brand, Amoena, includes a silicone additive that helps equalize your body temperature and keep you cooler.

Swimwear: There are special prostheses available for swimwear, with a special cavity so water flows through and doesn’t add any more weight.

Bras: A breast prosthesis requires a good bra. There’s weight to it, and the bra must be able to support it, or it will be uncomfortable and you won’t want to wear it. At Brabary we can customize any bra for a prosthesis by adding a pocket – free of charge; you don’t have to buy a pre-made prosthesis bra.

Government assistance: In Ontario, the government will reimburse you every two years for 50% of the cost of a breast form. If there is a significant size change in your breast form, because of swelling or significant weight loss or gain, the government will reimburse you in between that two-year period. See the Ontario Ministry of Health website for more details and the most current regulations.

At Brabary, we will fill out the reimbursement claim form for you. You should also check with your insurance company to see if they cover the balance. Whatever is not covered by either the government or your insurance, can likely be claimed as a medical expense on your tax return (check with your accountant to be sure).

Also give your accountant all of your mileage records and receipts for gas, meals and parking for all medical appointments and procedures so you can claim those as well. These costs all add up and you’ll find that every little bit helps.

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