15 Jun Five Things You May Not Know About Sports Bras

Monday, 15 June 2015

After hitting a few bumps in my golf cart recently, I realized I’d forgotten the most essential piece of my golf wardrobe! Then, a friend confided that she was suffering from sore breasts after going out for a run – even though she was wearing two bras for extra support.

Let’s look at five things you may not know – but need to know – about sports bras:

Sports bras are recommended for all sports and warm weather activity, even low impact sports like golf. Some women wear older, worn-out bras for golfing because they don’t want to ruin their best bras, but you deserve better! Sports bras are made from moisture-wicking material that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Two regular bras do not equal one sports bra. Sports bras are not just for comfort. They are specially designed to support and protect your breasts. Because there are no muscles in the breast, each and every time you bounce during strenuous physical activity, you cause irreparable damage to your breast tissue.

Sports bras can have underwire. For women that need or want more separation between their breasts, underwire is an option. It’s really important to have a professional fitting, and you’ve really got to know your body. Underwire can be your best friend, but if your weight is fluctuating or you’re retaining water, it will be your worst enemy – pinching and pressing you, and even blocking your lymph nodes or milk ducts.

Sports bras can double as tops. With today’s new range of colours you can wear many sports bras as tops to change up your wardrobe.

Brabary carries sports bras! Because our name has become synonymous with luxury, comfort, and personal service, some people have been surprised to hear that we carry sports bras. We weren’t the first place they thought of for this essential part of their wardrobe.

For more information, see this earlier post about everything you need to know about choosing a sports bra. Tags: Accessories, Bra Fitting, Bra Tips, Specialty Bras

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