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Here you can find how to care for your garments, general tips, as well as any other frequently asked questions we have at Brabary. If you have a question we did not answer here, please do not hesitate to call or email us about your inquiry, visit our Contact page to get in touch.

General washing instructions and care

Hand washing will always give the best results, and maintain the longevity of your items.

Lingerie, Bras & Shapewear: We recommend washing garments with Forever New after every wear to maintain shape and elasticity. Soak in a sink or basin in cool water with Forever New, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. To ensure the colours of your garments stay true, ensure to only wash with like colours to avoid colour transfer. Store in a lined drawer to prevent mishaps or snagging from uneven surfaces. For lace or soft cup bras fold the cups together, and place one behind the other, while ensuring no wires are being caught while closing the drawer. For moulded cup bras lay flat, and stack one in front of the other to prevent crushing the cups.

Swimwear: Wash with Forever New Splash after every wear to neutralize and remove salt, sunscreen, sweat, and chlorine. Rinse. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight to prevent the colours from fading.

Tights & Hosiery: Wash with Forever New Strut after every wear. Hand wash or use a gentle wash bag if washing in the machine and never put in the dryer as this breaks down elastic. Lay flat to dry to prevent stretching. When putting on your hosiery, ensure your nails are trim and all jewelry is removed, to ensure you don’t ruin your new hosiery. (Protip: Wear rubber or latex gloves when putting on your hosiery)

Active wear: Wash with Forever New Fresh after each time you exercise to  eliminate bacteria and prevent odor.

Breast Prosthesis and Forms: Wash as often as you wash your body with Forever New or a gentle soap, dry with a towel, and store in the provided case.

Sweaters, Wraps & Pajamas: Wash with a gentle soap every 2-3 wears.

What are your Covid-19 procedures?

What measures we are taking at Brabary

  • Sanitizing and cleaning continuously and between each fitting
  • Appointments are recommended, walkins are welcome
  • All garments tried on will be quarantined and steamed
  • We are limited to two open fitting rooms
  • We will be practicing socially distanced fittings. Our fitting specialists will be wearing PPE.
  • We are still offering curbside pick-up.

What we ask of you 

  • All clients must be asymptomatic, and have not travelled in the past 14 days
  • Please sanitize hands upon entry- hand sanitizer is provided
  • Please wear a face mask or bandana
  • Please be on time for your appointment
  • Please come alone or book your appointment for 2 people at a time.

To book your appointment:

Email us: or call 705.792.9242

 *Please ensure you have received confirmation before heading to the store for your appointment

Do I need an appointment for a fitting?

You do not need an appointment when shopping at Brabary. However, due to recent events (Covid-19) it is prefered you make an appointment. We always have trained Fitting Specialists in store. Please visit our Contact page to view our hours, arrange an appointment and come visit us during those times.

Do you have bras in stock and what sizes do you carry?

Yes, we stock various different brands, shapes and sizes sorted in dressers by our fitting rooms. We carry bras from 30-54 band, AA-N cup and everything in between. We will do our very best to get you into a bra that fits! We import all of our bras from Europe. Our swimwear is European or Canadian, and our sleepwear, and lingerie are European, Canadian, or American.

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Do you charge a fee for fittings?

We specialize in bra fittings, and therefore we believe everyone should be educated about how a bra should properly fit. Our fittings are complementary.

What are your price ranges?

We pride ourselves on quality and value. Our bras range from approximately $80-$250, and our swimwear from $100-400. We also carry panties, sleepwear, lingerie, and hosiery that range in price. We believe that investing in quality pieces will ensure you a better fit, and look, while saving you money long-term. We pride ourselves on our product offerings, and believe they are worth those prices.

What should I expect during a fitting?

One of our Fitting Specialists will welcome you into the fitting room, and will take two quick measurements of your bust. They will ask you about your preferences in bras; whether you prefer underwire, your colour of choice and if you prefer a moulded or soft cup bra. Next, they will go to our stock, and bring you a bra they feel should be close to your size. (Please note the first one is almost never perfect). As per your consent, they will come in and check the fit of the bra, making adjustments as needed, and giving their professional opinion about the fit of the bra. They will then work towards finding you the perfect fitting bra, while keeping your wants in mind. Our Fitting Specialist will also outline their methods as to why they chose a specific style or feature for you (everyone is shaped differently). They will educate you on how a bra should fit properly, how it should feel, as well as the care instructions for maintaining your garments.

How should a bra properly fit?

A proper fitting bra should fit snug around your ribcage, while not digging in or restricting your ability to breathe. For the cups, you should not be spilling out over the top, or have any any extra room in the cup. Shoulder straps should be just tight enough to not slide off your shoulder, but not so tight that it hurts you. Ultimately your shoulder strap should be able to come off your shoulder, and your breast not move. Are you finding you can’t find that perfect fit? Come visit us and one of our Fitting Specialist will be more than happy to help you find a proper fitting bra.

Will every bra fit the same?

No, almost every bra fits differently, and that is why we have such an extensive selection in stock. Our Fitting Specialists will know the right shape for you, and how each bra and brand will fit you accordingly. Don’t be surprised if you are multiple sizes, it all depends on the brand and fit of the bra. Bras are just like shoes or clothes, each brand will fit differently.

How often should I replace my bras?

There are many factors to when a bra should be replaced such as care, style, fit, and how many bras you rotate through on a day-to-day basis. If you feel like your bra is on its last legs, or it is not fitting the way it used to, it is time to come see us for something new!

What can I do with my old bras?

Brabary is an official drop-off location for Free The Girls. Drop off your gently used bras to the Brabary location nearest you, where they will help women worldwide. Free The Girls is an international non-profit organization devoted to coming alongside sex trafficking survivors with a path to true freedom. By donating your new or gently used bras, you’re giving an economic opportunity to change these women’s lives. Your donation helps survivors of human trafficking start their own businesses selling bras in their local second-hand clothing markets while they recover and build their new life.

Is everything on the website available in store?

Not necessarily, due to having two locations, it is not guaranteed to be available at both locations. Our collections are curated to the likes of our two different clientele. Therefore, one store may receive pieces our other store will not. Our stock is constantly changing, therefore it is best to call the location nearest you to inquire about your interested items. If available at the other location, we can always transfer items to your nearest location. We will do our very best to serve you.

Do you carry swimwear year-round?

Yes, we offer a range of swimwear year-round. Much of our swimwear is according to your bra size and is available in bikini, tankini, or one-piece styles. This offers great bust support, as the garments are made by our trusted bra companies and have the components of a bra built in.

We also carry swimwear that fits according to your dress size, although they often offer less bust support, they can be outstanding pieces if they are the right fit for you.

Do you carry sports bras?

Yes, we carry a variety of sports bras. We focus on sports bras for high impact, as we feel that protecting the breast tissue from damage is very important, and therefore, carry only the best, most supportive sports bras.

Sports Bras
Do you carry nursing bras?

Yes, we carry a couple of different styles for nursing bras. It is important to come in a couple weeks before you are due, or after you have had your baby. Nursing bras can be difficult to buy too far in advance, because your body can change drastically over a short period of time, so the closer to your due date, the better.

Nursing Bras
How soon after surgery should I be fitted for a breast form?

The fitting of a breast form should not be rushed – you want to allow time for the incision to heal and the swelling to be gone. Usually 6-8 weeks after breast surgery is a good time to be fitted for a breast form. An adjustable fibre-filled breast form can be used in the meantime, which will provide you with comfort and some fullness.

How often should I be doing a breast health check?

We all know how important our breast health is in stemming the effects of breast cancer. Statistics indicate 1 in 9 women will contact this disease and early detection is our saving grace. This YouTube video is informative, and  will bring a smile to you and your friends, as it reminds us to add this self-examination to our monthly agenda.

Rethink Breast Cancer

How can I buy bras or lingerie as a gift when I don’t know her size?

The best option is to have the recipient on file at Brabary. We keep detailed information on sizing, style and colour preferences for our clientele. If she’s on file you can purchase a bra and panty set, sleepwear, swimwear or hosiery with confidence that it will not only fit, but thrill her! If this will be her first experience at Brabary – we can’t wait to fit her!! The best option is to purchase a gift certificate and tuck it in with a pair of Hanky Pankys – because they fit everyone!

Do you have a warranty?

Brabary does not offer a warranty on our garments, as we cannot guarantee how you care for the item(s). However, if you face issues within six months of purchase, and your garment looks well cared for (other than defect), our brands may offer a replacement. This is all subject to condition, cleanliness, time frame, defect, and brand of the garment. This decision is up to the manufacturer of your garment, and does not reflect on Brabary.

Please bring your clean garment and receipt into Brabary. One of the Fitting Specialists will then review the item. Once assessed they may send what is required to the manufacturer, for further consideration.